Inquiries from News Media

If you are a professional journalist who needs information about R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, please contact the following people, as appropriate:

For questions about brand marketing or other business matters:

David Howard – (336) 741-3489      Email:
Jacob McConnico – (336) 741-0319      Email:

For questions about state and federal legislation, taxation or litigation:

David Howard – (336) 741-3489      Email:
Jane Seccombe – (336) 741-5068      Email:

Tobacco Consumers

If you are an adult who has a question about one of R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company products, please call the toll-free number printed on the product package: 877-614-VUSE (8873). A representative will assist and provide options at that time. Because R.J. Reynolds Vapor's direct-to-consumer brand communications are intended for age 21+ tobacco consumers only, it is our firm policy not to respond to questions from minors.

Job Applicants

Information regarding the availability of specific employment opportunities is available from Reynolds American Inc. is available at


If you are a retailer with questions, please call 1-800-974-2227.


If you are interested in selling your goods or services to R.J. Reynolds Vapor company, please contact R.J. Reynolds Procurement at Please note that any other requests cannot and will not be addressed via this email address.

Employment Verification

Please call (336) 741-5000 and press the option for employment verification.

Student Requests

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company does not reply to any requests from students, except for those seeking information on youth non-smoking programs. If you are interested in R.J. Reynolds’ youth non-smoking programs, please visit the "Right Decisions, Right Now" website:

Requests for Permission

It has been the long-standing policy and practice of Reynolds American’s operating companies to: provide no permission or promotional materials for; make no payments for; or do anything else to facilitate the placement/appearance of cigarettes or cigarette advertising in films, on television, in books, or other media. This is also in accordance with the Master Settlement Agreement, which specifically prohibits participating tobacco companies from paying for product placement in such media.

Unsolicited Ideas

Although R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company appreciates people's interest in its business, it is our policy to decline consideration of unsolicited ideas and suggestions offered or submitted by the general public. Accordingly, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company does not accept unsolicited ideas for consideration, and asks you not to submit ideas for products, advertising, etc.